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Signing up your business with traxl provides you with an easy and safe way to transport your goods from one location to the other. By joining us, your company can take advantage of simpler transportation requirements, lucrative discounts and other advantages compared to individual orders.

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lucrative discounts

enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions for your company


account manager

get access to an expert account manager for your company to manage and help you overcome any future challenges

customized service

get traxl customized service for your company needs


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we’ve got you covered!


Traxl offers companies the chance to grow side by side. When you’re a member of Traxl Business Club, you’ll enjoy much more offers and services than regular customers. Every tier in Traxl Business Club is valued by kilometers that the member has crossed using Traxl services. Each tier offers more prices discounts than the regular account does, bonus kilometers on referrals, sub-accounts, insurance, and more. Every business account is enlisted in this program but is entitled to maintain its tier’s minimum kilometers count to enjoy this tier’s advantages.

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