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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is traxl?

Traxl is a startup in Egypt providing a convenient technology platform that brings economical, reliable, and safe logistics solutions. Through our trucking technology platform, we allow customers to connect with trained drivers to transport anything, at anytime, from Cairo to anywhere in Egypt.

+ Who can use traxl?

Any individual or company that needs a truck move any type of good.

+ Who are traxl drivers?

traxl drivers are highly-trained, physically, and mentally fit professionally refined drivers.

+ Where does traxl operate?

traxl operates from cairo to anywhere in Egypt.

+ What are the working hours of the platform?

Our working hours are from 6AM to 7PM, 7 days a week.

+ What are the benefits of traxl?

-traxl lets you rate your experience -traxl can get you a truck to move anything from cairo to anywhere in Egypt -traxl gives you access to unlimited trucks -traxl lets you track your shipment through your phone -traxl gives you the option to pay by cash or credit card -traxl streamlines your trucking operations -traxl is safe, reliable and flexible -traxl drivers are highly trained and professional


+ How does the platform work?

traxl services are offered through an app that is designed to allow customers to order a truck in three simple steps:

-Set location
-Choose truck type
-Choose time: on-demand or scheduled

Clients will be able to view their past shipments, and upcoming ones, as well as track their moves, rate drivers, and pay cash or credit.

+ When will my truck arrive?

Your truck will arrive within the time you choose in the app. You can schedule in advance or request on-demand to arrive as soon as possible depending on availability

+ How can i monitor and track my trips?

All your completed trips are registered to your history, all your scheduled trips are registered to upcoming trips sections. You’ll receive an app notification as soon as your scheduled trip has started.

+ May I schedule multiple trips in advance?

Of course! Once you schedule your first trip, you can go ahead and schedule as many that meet your needs. They can be at the same time or not.

+ How do I speak with the driver?

Once a driver is assigned to your trip & en route, you have the ability to call the driver directly about any details or logistics. If you need to work out any details ahead of time, please contact customer service.


+ What type of goods can i move?

Traxl allows you to move a wide variety of goods that include:

-General Goods: Products packed in boxes, trunks, baskets, crates, barrels, cans, bags, bottles, etc.
-Refrigerated Transport: meat, fish and frozen foods
-Traxl does not transport the following:
-Bulk Transport: Products that are dumped in the cargo area, like sand and gravel
-Exceptional Goods: Any goods that do not fit in a standard truck because of their size or weight, or require special equipment (eg. glass sheets, car transport).
-Food Liquids: Unpacked milk, fruit pulp, chocolate and oils
-Live animals
-Dangerous goods (ADR): Explosive substances and articles - Gase, Flammable liquids and solids, Self-reactive substances and substances liable to spontaneous combustion, Substances which, when in contact with water, emit flammable gases, Oxidising substances, Organic peroxides, Toxic substances, Infectious substances, Radioactive objects and substances, Corrosive substances.

+ How many items are included in the price of the move?

Whatever can fit into the truck without exceeding it’s maximum weight or cab dimensions.

+ What are the standard maximum weight and dimensions of available trucks?

Standard maximum weight and dimensions are the following: For ⅛ : Max weight is 0.72 Ton, Dimensions are 1.62m x 1.34m x (1.1m height for box) For ¼ : Max weight is 2.7 Ton, Dimensions are 2.3m x 1.7m x (1.69m height for box) For ½ : Max weight is 4.5 Ton, Dimensions are 5m x 2.07m x (2.31m height for box)

+ How do I change the time or date of my trip?

You should contact customer service to edit scheduled trip details. You cannot edit trips that have started.

+ Do I need to wait at the pickup location?

No, but you have to inform the driver about who is he receiving the shipment from. And who is receiving the shipment from him. Remember to share the security code with whoever is receiving your shipment.

+ How do I ensure that my shipment was delivered to the receiver?

You should share the security code that the app gives you with the receiver. Once your truck arrives at the delivery location the driver has to use the code to end the trip. The driver cannot end the trip without having the security code. This code ensures the driver that he delivered the shipment to the right person, and ensures the sender that his package was successfully delivered.

+ What is the security code?

The security code is a code that is generated by the platform and given to your trip. This code is only given to you and not shared with the driver. This code should be given to the receiver so that he can give it to the driver once the driver completes his move successfully. When the driver delivers the shipment and gets the security code from the receiver he puts it in his app, and the platform confirms that this is the right code. This code ensures the driver that he delivered the shipment to the right person, and ensures the sender that his package was successfully delivered.

+ Can I have multiple pickups in a single truck?

We currently do not support multiple pickups from the app. Each pickup will need to be picked by an individual truck. However, you are allowed to take a truck and guide it to wherever you need it to go, and the fare will calculate according to time and distance.

+ Can i ride the truck to my destination?

Yes! You are allowed to take a truck and guide it to wherever you need it to go.

+ Will the driver carry, load, or unload my goods?

No, Loading and unloading are not calculated within trip price. The driver is not responsible and should not be expected to carry, load ,or unload your goods.

+ Can I tip the driver?

Tipping is entirely optional, but if you want to reward the driver for a job well done you are always welcome to tip him right after your trip is completed and give him the rating he deserves


+ Are the customer’s goods insured by traxl?

Yes, the goods are not insured. Driver, shipper, and receiver are all required to sign a waybill which includes our insurance policy, But the customer can also insure the goods being shipped by a third party.

+ Can a customer purchase an insurance on traxl’s platform?

We do not offer this facility as of now.

+ Will the driver ensure the safety of my items??

All of our drivers are highly trained and are responsible of your items from pickup to delivery. In addition, the shipper and the receiver are required to sign an air waybill.

+ What is an Air waybill?

The Air Waybill is a legal document signed by shipper, receiver and driver to guarantee the safety of the shipment.

+ What is the process in case of damage/loss/theft of goods?

If the customer has taken an insurance for his shipment, the customer has to inform us that he / she wishes to lodge an insurance claim and the next steps as advised by his Insurer. If required we can help in the survey process initiated by the Insurer of the customer. We can provide a Certificate of Facts, which is an important document for claiming the insurance.

+ In case of damage or theft to the customer’s goods or theft during the trip, what is the liability from traxl’s side?

traxl does not take any liability for the goods being shipped unless it is established with a conclusive evidence, that the damage or theft was due to reckless driving from the authorities. In that case the driver transporting the goods is the only party that is liable for the goods that has been damaged or lost due to his reckless driving according to the contract between traxl and the driver, and only in such cases, after the evidence is shared with us, traxl will take all legal steps to charge the driver against the value of goods damaged and will offer all cooperation needed to recover the value of the goods from the driver responsible for lost or damaged goods. This could be having traxl provide the driver’s personal information and the contract between the driver and traxl that holds the driver responsible for such events.


+ How much does a move cost?

You can get a fare estimate in app before ordering. The price depends on the vehicle of choice, Distance, and time driven between pickup and drop-off.

+ How can i pay?

Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

+ When do I pay for my trip?

Once you’re trip is complete, you’ll be prompted to leave a review and we’ll then charge your credit card that's associated with your account. Or, if you’re paying cash, you will pay the driver after unloading your items.

+ Do I get charged if I cancel my trip?

Absolutely not! We’ll only charge you once the trip is completed. Please note, we do charge you a cancellation fee if you cancel after 10 minutes from ordering.

Business Accounts

+ Who can create a business account?

Any company that does multiple moves per month.

+ How to create a business account?

You can fill the form on traxl sign up page here, and our representative will contact you.

+ What are the benefits of a business account?

Business account owners enjoy access to special bonuses, offers, professional driver training, viewing, tracking your fleet through our platform, monthly reports and customized trucking services that match their special needs.

Working with traxl

+ What documents and permits do i need to join traxl?

Vehicle related documents:

Truck License  |  Truck has to be in good condition according to traxl standards.

Owner/Driver documents:

Driving License  |  Driver National ID | Owner National ID |  Address Proof

+ Which type of vehicle one can attach to traxl?

traxl is involved in intracity movement of goods and on-boards all pickup trucks (⅛ - ¼ - ½).

+ How can I earn?

You earn by accepting requests and completing shipments successfully, You can increase your earnings even more by getting better ratings, and more shipments.

+ How I can check my earning & payouts?

traxl has an advanced driver app which provides all details. Check “My Wallet” section in app.

+ Can I refer my friends and colleagues to join traxl?

Yes! We encourage our vendors to promote traxl among their peers and refer them to join us. In return they deserve a goodwill bonus on each successful on-boarding.

For any query, you can visit our nearest local office or reach out to us on facebook